Brenda ---
Choices gave me the tools to change my life in a very powerful way. It gave me the insight to see that life can be any way you want it to be. It is up to me. I believe in myself again and realize that I deserve to be happy.
Kurt ---
Keeping my thoughts on Choices under a thousand words is a challenge but I will give it a shot. Being able to recognize the gifts I have, and how to use them is one of the greatest blessings I got from Choices. The new life tools I have, has made me as excited as a first grader and everyone in my life can see it. I couldn't imagine that anything could be better than the Choices training until I returned to assist with another group's training. It was the most gratifying time I have ever had and can't wait to do it again. Please do yourself a favor, don't wait, just go. You'll thank whoever pointed you towards Choices.