Lisa ---
As an Assistant Chief of Police, I deal with complex personalities and conflicts that are barriers in effectively meeting productivity goals and providing quality service. I learned from my Choices experience that our beliefs and abilities can make or break us. And, it is imperative that businesses recognize employees carry their limiting factors wherever they go. If you want a more successful business, provide the tools for developing successful employees. Choices will teach you and your employees how to create lasting change through action, persistence, and commitment. You will learn how to develop accountability without affixing blame or fault. Imagine what it would be like to know how to cut through communication styles and personality barriers to structure truly effective teams!
Sharon ---
I want to express my deepest and heartfelt thank yous to you and this amazing thing called Choices. For changing my heart and helping me to change the hearts of those I love.
Brenda ---
Choices gave me the tools to change my life in a very powerful way. It gave me the insight to see that life can be any way you want it to be. It is up to me. I believe in myself again and realize that I deserve to be happy.
Nicky ---
Choices has helped me see life in a different way. I can see blessings and miracles all around me in the simplest things. Choices has been an amazing gift for me, for my kids and my whole family. It has given us a new set of tools to make life work better and to have deeper relationships. I now know that one girl can make a difference in this world and I have the ability to change my heart and the hearts around me. I am so thankful that God has placed me in this amazing world and that I can be a light to all those around me. The people that I have met through Choices are truly incredible and I will forever keep them a part of my life.
Mike ---
I highly recommend the program as a Pastor; I have found it to be a gift. We have sponsored many people into the program with incredible results, relationships on their way to divorce, people that were stuck in life as well as people who are lifetime learner find effective strategies, renewed commitment and fresh momentum to achieve more of what they wanted in their lives.
Kurt ---
Keeping my thoughts on Choices under a thousand words is a challenge but I will give it a shot. Being able to recognize the gifts I have, and how to use them is one of the greatest blessings I got from Choices. The new life tools I have, has made me as excited as a first grader and everyone in my life can see it. I couldn't imagine that anything could be better than the Choices training until I returned to assist with another group's training. It was the most gratifying time I have ever had and can't wait to do it again. Please do yourself a favor, don't wait, just go. You'll thank whoever pointed you towards Choices.