April 28-30
June 2-4
July 28-30
September 15-17
October 20-22
November 17-19


Quaaout Resort
Chase, BC
April 7-9, 2017
October 27-29, 2017



April 26-30
May 31-June 4
July 26-30
September 13-17
October 18-22
November 15-19


Quaaout Resort
Chase, BC
April 3, 2017
October 23, 2017


August 7, 2017
River's Edge, Cremona, Alberta

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All Calgary Choices, Givers I and Givers II Seminars are held at:

Clarion Hotel (formerly Radisson Hotel) Calgary Airport
2120- 16th Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta, T2E 1L4
Phone: 403-291-4666

For more information or to make your reservations by phone contact:

Choices Seminars
Bay 117, 10555 - 48th Street SE
Calgary Alberta, T2C 2B7
Phone:403-289-5019 Fax: 403-220-1280
Toll Free: 1-877-707-7074

Barb Michalko

I attended Choices in January 2005 and I now have the tools to use each day so I can live the life I want. I became an employee in September 2009 because every day I have the opportunity to love and touch other people so they can be the best they can be. I am humbled when I have the opportunity to listen to people’s life stories and encourage them. I understand why they want to come to Choices and I want to be the person who helps them begin this journey. The reward is to watch them go through the processes and see the light in their eyes and their life on fire again.
"I am a strong and confident woman loving and touching other people lives to be the best they can be” Barb Michalko
(403) 289-5019

Maggie Hamm
I attended Choices in January 2015 after much encouragement from a very dear friend. I had built a wall of protection around me and with the powerful tools I received at Choices I was able to start the demolition of that wall. I work hard on loving myself so I can receive love from others and I am getting much braver at stepping out of my comfort zone.

I became a member of the Choices staff in October 2015 and feel blessed every day to be part of such an amazing team. Working with people has always been where I am most comfortable and helping them on their Choices journey helps me on my journey.

“I love myself, nurturing the souls of others”

(403) 289-5019
Greg Davis
Greg Davis is dedicated to expand the dream set forth by Thelma Box and Joe and Mary Davis. His background is in Choices and business. Greg's family has a long history of entrepreneurship and personal growth. His grandmother, Thelma Box, started Choices and since an early age (starting at Teen Camp), Greg has been involved in the seminar and its learnings.  Today, Greg is responsible for the U.S operation and facilitates the Dallas seminars. Greg continues to teach Thelma’s practices to help people get more of what they want in their life.
(403) 289-5019
Rick Aupperle
My wife and I attended Choices in July 2010 at the encouragement of our youngest daughter who attended a few months earlier and felt it would be a blessing for us.

Reluctantly we agreed to go and are so thankful we did. It has made a good marriage that much better and God has used Choices to improve my relationship with myself, my wife and children, my relationships with my extended family and friends and my relationship with Him.

What I love about the seminar is that they are not there to tell you what to do; instead they present processes designed to allow you to discover things about yourself and for me, something discovered sticks. As well, we all know there are very few of us who like to “be told” what to do.

It was a gift to go to Choices and I encourage anyone to give themselves this gift and discover how it can bless not only themselves but those around them. It’s a gift that can keep on giving.


(403) 700-7140

Brian Balson

Brian Balson attended Choices in July 1996 in BC. He then attended Super Choices and Super Givers. After moving to Alberta in 2005 and keeping involved with Choices, Brian now hosts information meetings in various locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Brian welcomes your calls, emails, or any opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about Choices.

Please come to the Choices information meetings and hear what Choices has done for others, as well as what it can do to enhance your life.
(403) 369-9003

Katrina Chaytor
I have an incredible marriage and family because I use the Choices tools each day. I have been a member of the Choices staff for the last couple of years and I treasure the opportunity to connect with people and talk about Choices. I want them to know Choices really cares about them. I touch base with our alumni, encourage them to continue to grow and I’m touched by their stories. We want people who have been through Choices to remain connected. My job is to be that conduit between a trainee and the organization. I want to share the message that we care, you’re loved and we want you to bring your friends and family to Choices.

“ I am an open woman giving HOPE through encouragment and inspiration so others may heal” Katrina Chaytor

(403) 289-5019