Tony--Thank you Thank you Thank you. Choices opened my eyes to a world I didn't think I ever deserved. I am going to continue to use my tools and inspire and raise my children as a Choices family.

Julie-- My time at Choices has been more then I ever anticipated. Choices has renewed my faith, inspired me to inspire others to become a part of Choices. I've learned so much at Choices, I am going home not feeling broken!!

Willy-- Choices gave me the tools to change my life and not be the walking, breathing dead anymore. Choices gave me the reason to enjoy and appreciate what I have, the most precious and wonderful wife and daughters!

I couldn't have imagined that there was a program that has the power to make such a significant difference in peoples lives, especially mine. After all, I had the perfect life, right? I'd been sober for 23 years, had a great husband, great kids and grand kids. I was financially secure. I was active in my church and volunteer work, even attaining leadership roles. But I'd been unhappy for some time and didn't know why. I kept telling myself that I had no reason to be unhappy and continued to put on the front that everyone expected to see. Then came Choices! I never realized, until then, how much things that happened to me in childhood colored my perception of myself, thus distorting my relationship with others. With the Choices tools I am starting to recognize when my self doubts are only a manifestation of that old perception and I can change the outcome of a situation by changing my outlook. Once again I have joy in my life and I have found my voice. Wish I had found Choices 20 years ago! Thank you all for this life changing experience.

Pat --- Thank you, I will continue to light the part of the world I am in. What a legacy that Choices is---one heart at a time because you knew what real love is.

RK --- From a business perspective, Choices has helped me become a better physician and business manager. Communicating with my office staff and motivating my patients has become easier. Before there was a lot of stagnant inertia getting my patients to healthy goals-but Choices gave me and thus my patients, great tools to overcome that inertia. My patients are now achieving a higher percentage of success. This is a win-Win for all of us. From a personal perspective, my daughter asked me to go to Choices. She said that it would make our relationship better. I thought our relationship was good. My daughter was right! Choices made our relationship better. I feel closer to my wife and children and I am thankful for that. I'm glad I didn't accept good, because better was possible.

Julie -- Hi I am a thirty year old mother of two. A seven year old son and four year old daughter. I have been married for five years and together with him ten years. We have had many trials and tribulations. We would go weeks without talking to each other. I went through Choices October of 2009 and my husband went through January 2010. Since our experience we have fallen in deeper love than I could ever imagine. We are connected on so many different levels now. We go to bed every night and say we love each other. Our sons self esteem has shot through the roof. He went up 4 levels of reading in a matter of two months and says to his friends they should send their parents to Choices because when they come back they are new nicer more loving parents. And our daughter has come out of her shell. Also learning the colors in Givers 1 and 2 really helped communication with our children and our family and friends. I f you ever ask yourself questions like " Is better out there?, My marriage is over., Or you just feel like something is missing." Give yourself the gift of Choices. You deserve it and your family deserves it. Thanks so much to the choices family. we are looking forward to coaching and sending our kids to teen camp. We just can't get enough!

Lisa --- As an Assistant Chief of Police, I deal with complex personalities and conflicts that are barriers in effectively meeting productivity goals and providing quality service. I learned from my Choices experience that our beliefs and abilities can make or break us. And, it is imperative that businesses recognize employees carry their limiting factors wherever they go. If you want a more successful business, provide the tools for developing successful employees. Choices will teach you and your employees how to create lasting change through action, persistence, and commitment. You will learn how to develop accountability without affixing blame or fault. Imagine what it would be like to know how to cut through communication styles and personality barriers to structure truly effective teams!

I have found Choices to be a program of integrity that truly impacts long term personal and organization success.

Bart --- I can't thank you enough for the program you provided. I feel like a new person. Like I have been given a second chance to enjoy life again to the fullest. I can dream, laugh, feel free to love myself and others, be proud of the person I see in the mirror. It is a gift I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Carleen --- I look at the confident, fearless and adventurous young women in our home and the deep and "real" relationship we share and know that it is, largely as a result of our Choices tools.

Joy --- I never thought that it could be such a amazing week, even though there was hard stuff....that had to be done to have the freedom that comes, and giving 100% makes all the difference in the world. I was there to become the best Joy that I could and I am very thankful that I have so many positives/revelations to reflect on and pass on to all the people that I come in contact with, which has definitely happened.

Don --- I have never experienced a program that addresses personal and professional growth in the way that Choices does. Not only is this the best investment I can make for my company and its clients, it is the best gift I can give an employee.

Nicky --- Choices has helped me see life in a different way. I can see blessings and miracles all around me in the simplest things. Choices has been an amazing gift for me, for my kids and my whole family. It has given us a new set of tools to make life work better and to have deeper relationships. I now know that one girl can make a difference in this world and I have the ability to change my heart and the hearts around me. I am so thankful that God has placed me in this amazing world and that I can be a light to all those around me. The people that I have met through Choices are truly incredible and I will forever keep them a part of my life.