Over and over again Choices graduates share with us, "If I would have only had these life lessons as a young person there really is no telling how the quality of my life would have been so different". The good news is that Choices provides young people, 9-15 years of age, with the opportunity to open up and share exactly what is going on in their world in a safe environment. Teens break through walls of self-doubt and participate in experiential processes/games that will help them to discover who they truly are. The teens will find out what they really want at this stage in their life. We have them take a look at the self-defeating things they do as young people that complicate their lives and keep them from getting the most out of their young years. Imagine your son or daughter realizing the value of one simple process-keeping their agreements. Or, how would your home life be different if there was more open honest communication, no more one-word answers, and a plan of action to acknowledge the best in one another?

The Camp includes swim time, music, skits, life-long friendships and fun, along with the life lesson processes. Each day's events are designed to help families score a touchdown and get into the end zone for their home life. The entire week flows towards the last three days when mom and/or dad arrive to work with their child to get the family working on the same page. If you want to take the quality of your family life from a level 7 to a 9 then give your family this gift. You and your children deserve the best. Single parents, blended families, whatever your family dynamics are, this program is more than "just another week of camp". The Choices processes are custom made for young people.

TESTIMONIAL: "Taylor will come to us and say ...I am going to use my Choices tools and I want you guys to sit down and listen to me. This allows her to be felt and heard. Taylor now uses her tools to problem solve and to say what she needs and wants. She used her tools to ask for help when she thought her dad was getting too angry and yelling. They made an agreement that she could say "time out" to him and he had to stop until he was calm and they could talk. She has grown to be an honor role student, has just been accepted on the Youth Council and is very focused on her future. Taylor turned 14 years old on Sunday July 8th, 2012. I just wanted to let Thelma and the gang at CHOICES know that the impact on Taylor has been both positive and powerful. Thank you for the work that you all do, especially the wonderful coaches."

Aileen Prince: Nak'azdli Health Director

If you would like to contact Aileen, Taylor's mom, she would be happy to talk to you.

Please call the Choices office in your area for more information and dates.