Super Choices

Deeper, revealing, intense, powerful...these are just a few of the words to describe the Super Choices experience. Just when you thought you had all that the personal growth Choices had to offer, there arises another challenge to help you live, heal and walk in the constant state of WOW. Through the past 25 years, Thelma Box and the Choices team has continued to develop processes that would rise to the occasion to provide a resource for those who have a hunger to live, laugh and love life to the fullest through Super Choices.

To attend Super Choices you must first have completed the five-day Choices program.

Through the past twenty five years, Thelma Box and the Choices team have continued to develop processes that will rise to the occasion to provide a resource for those who have a hunger to love, laugh and live life to the fullest. Super Choices will be held at the South Thompson Inn, Kamloops for the next step in your journey of growth. The South Thompson Inn is located midway between Vancouver and Calgary and offers a unique setting in the sunny Thompson Valley graced with abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery; a beautiful backdrop for this awesome seminar.

This intensive program is designed exclusively for those who have completed the regular Choices program. More time is allowed for processing and getting to know who you are and why you do the things you do. The additional time allows you to experience a much deeper, clearer understanding of the tools and how to use them in your life, and the result is a peace and understanding not experienced before. Talk with someone who has been there. The training moves faster and goes further. It will be a redefining experience for you as Thelma leads you through your best journey yet. Call the office and sign up today!

"This was truly an experience that changes your level of thinking, feeling and understanding. At SC I found my inner qualities that I have been hiding for years. I realized that not only had I cheated friends, family and co-workers, I have severely cheated the most important person, ME. SC heightened the relationship with the woman who was fighting to get out, who lacked self esteem and was hiding from herself, to this bright and shining courageous beam of light. I encourage everyone to take the next step and not cheat yourself of you; to continue on with the journey to happiness, self healing and forgiveness. Become FREE!!"

~ Londea