Informational Meetings: Calgary

Share the Gift of Choices!

  • Do you need some help introducing the program?
  • Do you have family or friends you would like to see go through the program, but you don't know what to tell them?
  • Do they have questions you don't know to answer?

Bring them out to an informational meeting and let us help you. These meetings are fun, interactive, and non-confrontational.

All meetings are at 7pm, Choices Alumni meetings at 6pm.

This meeting is a great way to:

  • Reinforce the Choices tools in your life
  • Establish or maintain contact with your local Choices family
  • Give someone you care about the opportunity to hear about Choices from an alternate voice.

Bring your family and friends and introduce them to a program that can help change their lives. Or just come out and share your experience and have some fun! You never know, you could make a difference in another person's life.

For directions to each meeting location, or for information and assistance with scheduling a local meeting, contact: