We are well into a New YEAR and it is a reminder of how fast time seems to pass. Things get moved to tomorrow or next week or next month and before we know it another year will have passed and important things will not have been done. Hard lessons the past two years have helped me give priorities and my new motto is DO IT NOW................ IMPORTANT things like how I spend my time and asking myself if I am doing what is most important......................... The tape measures and Bill's hour glass are great reminders of what is important, like seeing more of family, calling friends and recognizing the importance of relationships.

I see many of your faces as I write to you, however, I must admit this seems a rather impersonal way to "touch." Some of you I have not seen in a long while. Do you think about me? Choices? your Choices friends or your BUDDY? We all need "buddies" in our lives. I can think of many reasons for staying in contact with your Choices' friends and buddies. For many of us, that was the first time we allowed ourselves to REALLY be REAL. Here are a few reasons:

WE NEED SOMEONE TO HELP US CREATE NEW POSSIBILITIES! BUDDIES will give us feedback to help us grow; to hold us accountable for using our tools and doing more of what works in our life. It helps us grow when we are around others who know the same tools, challenge us and provoke us toward MORE. Who makes you really think and grow? Who makes you "more?"

WE NEED A BUDDY TO REMIND US OF WHAT IS IMPORTANT! In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture............ of the things that are the most important. A buddy helps you stay clear on what really matters?

HAVE YOU LEARNED TO ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT? OR NEED? Who do you call when you need a helping hand? a shoulder to cry on? Those days when you feel like eating a bug, do you have someone to call? Who provides a safe space for you to cry with?

WHO PRAISES YOU OR COMPLIMENTS YOU? It is important to have a friend who notices when we do our best or make a big effort and let's us know we did something well. A buddy tells you how great you are at special times in your life. Who affirms you and tells you that you are special?

IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE SOMEONE TO CELEBRATE WITH. Do you wait for big things and holidays to celebrate? Learn to celebrate beautiful moments, plan a "happy" day; dance in the rain; celebrate the sunshine. Who makes you forget your problems? Who makes you laugh? Who do you celebrate with? Who can make you laugh until you cry?

Today is the day to make decisions for more. If you have let time take you away, come back for a stretch, serve on a team, go to Super Choices, Call your Buddy and the folks you did your stretch with. CONNECTION TAKES COMMITMENT!

BE COMMITTED TO DO WHAT IT TAKES TO HAVE MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT. The tools do not wear out; come back and give them a shine. I would love to see you at the April training, Many hugs, Thelma

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