Live your story from your heart

I’m not the story you made of me.

~ Lidia Yuknavitch ~

true to the heart copy

When I read the quote above, I felt truth shimmer with such beauty it took my breath away. In the clarity it opened up, I felt my heart stop for just a moment to let my mind catch up.

It's where truth always hits first. In the heart. My mind, slower to grasp its presence, needs time to wrap itself around what just happened.

I am not the story you make-up about me.

You are not the story I make of you, either.

I am also not the story I make up about myself; and you're not the story you tell yourself. You know, the story where they always (lie, cheat - fill in the blank) and you can't (do it, understand, have what you want because - fill in the blank) because the world isn't (fair, kind, - fill in the blank) and you are born to (fail, lose, get hurt - fill in the blank).

Everyone we meet forms a story of us, just as we form stories of them. We hear their words, feel their energy, their body language, their 'vibe' and immediately create a story that aligns with how we see and experience the world. We listen intuitively, even when we're not conscious of what we're doing, to what they're not saying, or what is behind and underneath what they're saying, seeking the common ground of our shared understanding of how their truth aligns with our knowing of our own truth. It is a common ground that can only be defined through our own experiences where our knowing butts up against their knowing of what they believe to be true between us.

It isn't that we want to judge. It is that our minds can only make sense of their truth by comparing it to what we know to be true for us.

There is truth in all things and not all things are true.

The story you made-up about me is not my truth. It is a truth you hold because through your experience, that is the truth you know about me.

When I live my truth without fearing or worrying the truth you experience about me, I am free to be true to me while honouring your truth about me as yours, not mine.

And when I step away from making up stories about you that I live as if they are true, and instead make room for my story about you to be just that, my story about you, we are both free to live with grace in our own stories, honouring the space between us.

The same holds true for the stories I tell myself about myself. When I live from a place of acknowledging they are just stories built on my past experiences, my fears and limiting beliefs, I create space to live the truth of my human greatness fearlessly in love with all of me today. In that space, the past me and the present me are all loved by me, making possibility for the future me to shine even brighter for all the world to see. In the beauty of the truth of letting go of my story and standing present with all of me today, there is hope for a better tomorrow where we live with grace in who we are today.

Challenge is, we are a story-making people. Telling stories about one another to make them fit our world view, to make them sit more easily in our life is what we do.

Listening to our hearts calling us to let go of the need to make our stories about one another the truth about one another, is where we find peace, love and joy waiting to embrace us in its healing grace. We are all story-tellers and story-makers. You can create the story of your life that you can live with today and tomorrow. Give yourself a little grace. A little mercy. A little forgiveness. And a whole lot of love. Let go of the stories you tell that keep you stuck and let your heart flow free in Love.

In every life there are many stories.

In every story there are many truths.

In every person there is only one story true to their heart.

Live your story from your heart.

The question is: What's keeping you stuck in living the story that makes you sad, mad and unhappy?



This is a re-post from my blog, from Friday, August 12, 2016.